'Lake Hayes' triathlon



All photos by the editor of 'TriathlonShots.com'








Todays event still runs over the same swim and bike terrain as the 2003 ITU World Championships held here.

This triathlon started back in 1983 and the original organiser(Tom Pyde), was still helping run it today.






Warming up.






This triathlon is still run with a relaxed atmosphere.

The photographer did talk with the race organiser and the athetes in front before the photos taken.






go, go, go.....................








More spectacular start line action.





Well it is as close up action as you can get anyway.









The swim is about 750m.

Both turn buoys can be seen in this image.






The first two swimmers out









Full results here










Beautiful day.

The heat may have caused this tube blow-out while it was in transition.






A flat tyre for Gavin Mason, but still able to win the kayak event run at the same time as the triathlon.









ThThe cycle cThe cycle course is a 20km course and the run 5kms.







The first 2 individual woman in the triathlon and T2 together.













Aaron Barclay leadng out on the run and just ahead of Bobby Douglas in the individuals triathlon.












Still going strong at 76 yers old.








Bobby Douglas wins by 5sec from Aaron Barclay in just 1hr 2mins 36secs.

Bobby comes from a swim background and went sub 16mins in the pool over 1500m as a teenager. He is cycling well but running 30mins or so for 10kms will be the challenge. Am backing him because he is from the same small town as myself.

At the prize giving they said he had won a few times before but I am not sure about that.

He has been runner up to another ITU Tony Dodds the past couple of times, that I know of.






You have to give it everything to still win here.

Bobby has placed in the top 7 at his age group ITU world champs and also raced the Oceania ITU race as an elite before.

Aaron Barclay is in the top couple of guys in NZ in the 16-18 year old category.








Taryn McLeod another previous ITU competitor.

1st in 1hr 11mins 8secs.







Race directors daughter made sure the athletes fluids were catered for post race.









Simone Maier was the 2nd woman and not far off the pace, just 33secs back.






The editor of this site(me), first time to do it was Easter 1989 and still remember being very cold(no wetsuit) and inexperienced in the swim. Mind you still come back for more and did the age group race in the World Championships and was one of the bigger highlights of my endurance sporting past.






Here is a link to the organisers website where you can enter future events ; have heard they are looking to run a few more triathlons in this area next Summer






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